Vision . Mission . Values

We see ourselves as a global platform of dynamic cooperation between our member institutions. Our VISION is to

  • be a leading network in the field of education for refugees and migrants, as well as education on human mobility;
  • promote research on human mobility which brings together practitioners and academics, not-for-profit organizations and universities;
  • serve as a global and interdisciplinary platform of dynamic cooperation between its members;
  • foster and promote an ongoing debate on the corporate social responsibility of colleges and universities, as well as that of their staff and students, especially regarding today’s migrants and refugees.

Our network has been founded with a clear MISSION to foster and expand education of refugees and migrants, as well as on human mobility. We want to:

  • Connect
    We actively encourage collaboration between universities and not-for-profit organizations for the benefit of refugees and migrants;
  • Educate
    We foster and facilitate educational programs and initiatives for refugees and migrants, as well as on the subject of human mobility;
  • Research
    We promote practical research between universities, using inputs from not-for-profit organizations, into refugee and migrant issues.

Photo credit: Denis Bosnia, Jesuit Refugee Service

No matter the project, goal or challenge on the journey towards achieving our vision; everything we undertake starts out the same way – with a passion for and a deep belief in what we do do. Our work is our vocation. When the RME Network was founded in 2017, we knew that whatever we do or achieve, we would always strive for more. This passion is led by our four CORE VALUES:


Collaboration: Our inclusive network is based on shared values, common goals, and respect. Together, we thrive on diversity, and aim to leverage our impact in making an invaluable difference for refugees and migrants.

Responsibility: We feel responsible towards our society, future generations, and the environment. We share our commitment to the common good, respect human rights and pursue equal opportunities through education for everyone.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of honest, credible, and transparent behaviour. We lead by example and hold fast to our reputation and values, and we will always act in the best interests of refugees and migrants. We believe that this way of proceeding is an enabler for trust and, in turn, the foundation for motivation and collaboration in its true sense.

Creativity: Given the vast scale and complexity of the problems in the field of human mobility, we strive to find innovative and eventually scalable solutions, both in the field of higher education and in the shaping of the RME Network and its practices of collaboration.