Get Involved

The RME Network was initiated by more than 40 founding members, including universities, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations. We look forward to welcoming your organization if it is engaged in teaching, research, or providing educational services to and/or about refugees and migrants — and if it shares our mission, values, and objectives.

Corporations and companies that are already collaborating with the RME Network or one of its members, or intend to collaborate in the near future, may also join the network as partners.

Individuals (e.g. researchers) who have been employed in higher education institutions or other organizations dedicated to education or services to refugees and migrants, or who have volunteered in such institutions or organization over a number of years, and who wish to contribute to the projects run by our network may become collaborators to our organization.

Are you interesting in joining the RME Network in any of those roles? If so, please get in touch.

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  • Why would you like to join the Refugee and Migrant Education Network? Do you have any questions?