A global & interdisciplinary

network of dynamic cooperation

We are a global network of universities, NGOs, and non-profit-organizations collaborating to  overcome the pressing needs of refugees and migrants, promote a lacking awareness of the crisis upon them, and establish interdisciplinary solutions to the complex problem of refugee and migrant education.

80 members present & active in 26 countries 

The Refugee & Migrant Education Network brings together a diversity of institutions and universities to build bridges between scholars, practitioners, and  refugee communities. Our members are united under a common goal: to promote and improve refugee and migrant education so that refugees and migrants are empowered for lives of meaning and purpose. 

Today’s worldwide refugee & migrant crisis requires both immediate and long-term responses.

70.8 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide, as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations. Tens of millions more are on the move, having lost their homes and livelihood due to environmental degradation, natural disasters and climate change. 

Of these displaced people, half are children. Refugee children are five times more likely to be out of school than their non-refugee peers. As a result, 3.5 million refugee children of school age are currently not enrolled in school, and only one per cent of refugees will ever enroll in a college or university (Source: UNHCR). 

We cannot afford to not provide education to migrants and refugees. Without education, they will not be able to live a dignified life in refugee camps, integrate themselves in a new country when resettled, or rebuild their country or region if and when they decide to return.

We can do something about this — not alone, as single individuals or institutions, but together in a global network: the Refugee and Migrant Education (RME) Network.

Realizing our mission:

Our network has been founded with a clear MISSION to expand education for refugees and migrants, as well as promote understanding on human mobility.  To achieve this we foster and facilitate educational programs and initiatives, as well as practical research and collaboration between our member institutions, for the benefit of refugees and migrants.




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