Case Study: BanQu’s recognition of academic titles platform

Conducted on BanQu’s proprietary platform, the recognition of academic titles platform allows different stakeholders, e.g. students, the Ministry of Education, companies in different sectors, and professional training centers, to interact by displaying, entering, verifying, and approving critical educational information. This information is then fully owned by the student and can be leveraged in their employment process.

The academic titles platform aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Facilitate the process of hiring economically disadvantaged local students.
  2. Reduce the time of selection processes as well as the procedures of verification of certifications of the applicants to those positions.
  3. Impact the economic freedoms of the students, as well as the economic and social development of the country as a whole.
  4. Provide a portable and secure digital locker for refugees and migrants to take their education certificates across borders.

BanQu is accessible by anyone in the world via smartphone, computer, tablet, or in some cases, even a basic SMS enabled phone. Refugees and migrants create one account where they can securely store all their important information and can leverage this across borders, with different governments, NGOs, universities, and employers.

Members of the Refugee & Migrant Education Network should contact BanQu to discuss how they can use the platform to bring the most benefit to the people and communities they interact with.

BanQu strives to bring benefits to all parties — refugees and migrants, NGOs, governments, employers, universities, etc. This way, they are able to deploy a mutually beneficial solution that is free for the refugee or migrant to use without depending on advertising or data mining.

BanQu is a groundbreaking for-profit/for-purpose blockchain-as-a-service software company solving the toughest global problem – extreme poverty. As the world’s first and only non-cryptocurrency blockchain platform BanQu helps lift people out of extreme poverty by connecting them to the global supply chains they participate in and the brands, organizations, and governments that power them.

Contact details for university representatives:

Ashish Gadnis — CEO, BanQu