Our story

The story of the Refugee and Migrant Education (RME) Network began in 2016 during a summer stroll in Fairfield, CT. Inspired by the words, and especially the actions, of Pope Francis, Dr Anthony Cernera felt that universities worldwide should take up the challenge and become seriously engaged in refugee and migrant education.

“I believe that the only way to remotely attempt to tackle such a task is to connect universities all over the globe in order to cooperate, research and collaborate in the field of migrant and refugee education. That is why, as their former president, I reached out to the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU). Shortly afterwards, Being the Blessing and IFCU started a cooperation which resulted in founding what is now called the RME Network, with more than 45 members, including universities, NGOs, not-for-profit organisation and cooperations joining forces to globally aid education for and about refugees and migrants.”
– Dr Anthony Cernera

The working committee of the RME network was established during a planning  workshop in Rome in March 2017. Members of the committee have since worked on the planning and execution of the inaugural conference which took place at at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (Italy) in November 2017, which led to the establishment of the RME network.

A second conference, titled Global Initiatives in Refugee and Migrant Education: Teaching, Research and Social Responsibility will be taking place in November 2018 at Manhattan College in New York City.